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What is retirement living?

Retirement living provides a safe, functional and comfortable living environment for those who are either partially or fully retired, usually above the age of 60. Retirement living is becoming ever more popular and attractive within the United Kingdom, as residents can enjoy independence and freedom, with the knowledge that assistance is always on hand from expert medical professionals and carers should they require help.

Professional and reliable carers provide domiciliary care services when needed, which is an umbrella term for any care services which an individual may require from the comfort of their own home. It is paramount to cater to the needs of residents, for example carers can help with organising prescribed medication, through to weekly food shopping. In most retirement living complexes carers or support staff will be available 24 hours a day, creating a committed and trustworthy support network for residents. Due to the continual availability of retirement living staff, residents can lock up and leave their properties when they wish to have weekends away or holidays, without the worry of safety and security.

The retirement living concept is based on the promotion of communal living and encompasses a broad range of options for potential residents to choose from. For example, retirement living can consist of larger housing complexes, or a retirement village with a range of properties, such as bungalows or apartments. A key aspect of retirement living is the communal set of amenities available to residents, for example this could include libraries, conservatories and gardens. Due to the communal nature of retirement living, residents are often encouraged to socialise with neighbouring residents, creating an inclusive and supportive environment. Many retirees opt for the retirement living lifestyle, as it is extremely easy to meet others who are in similar situations and inherently they can enjoy communal areas and facilities together, building long lasting friendships and relationships. Carers and support staff additionally may organise group activities and in many cases there will be an optional communal dining hall for residents, promoting a sense of community and encouraging a sociable and friendly environment. Due to the vast variety of options, it is furthermore possible for couples to remain together through retirement, as they can share a property together within a complex.

In the UK, care sectors who offer retirement living adhere to rigorous health and safety policies and legislation regarding the maintenance of the buildings, thus residents can enjoy a hassle-free lifestyle, without the worry of repairs. Maintenance teams are on hand to deal with any maintenance issues efficiently and quickly. 

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